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Rick recently preformed a private show for our company and it was fabulous! Good ole country ballads written by Rick himself made it even more special. I’m sure glad to have had the opportunity to hear him live after hearing his music over the past few years. Keep it up Rick and God bless!
Rick's show this year at our horse barn can only be described as a "magical moment in time". His songs and stories speak to our common humanity. You will leave his show feeling better about yourself and the world at large. Everyone who attended is already talking about next year's show!
To have Rick Tiger at The Shed at Dogwood Cove was and honor but then the story's and songs was unbelievably out of this world he definitely will be back
Ricks performance is so heart-moving! I love his authenticity- touching every end of the emotional spectrum between joy, sorrow, and great humor! I only wish he was in Texas more!
Was at night you played with Jommy Weber at wine 512. Wonderful night! Bought both your CDs and on road trip back from Idaho and enjoyed all your so gs. Brought back memories!! Thank you for what you do! Outstanding!!!!
I was your sound man at the Backroom Lounge in Riverton IL Sunday 7/14/19.. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your show.. Great job. I Look forward to twisting knobs for you again soon !
As owner of the 2018 KVOK venue of the year and the hundreds of shows we have had No many fits our room better than Rick Tiger , Rick is a A List songwriter and storyteller, he always brightens up our room and our congregation loves him
What a emotional journey this man lead me on last night. Second time surely didn't disappoint. Also I have made a friend. Thank you Rick for the message from the man upstairs I now know what God's plan for me are and it was right in front of my face.
So lucky to have gotten to go see Rick Tiger perform at The Living Room in Clinton Iowa, his stories, his songs and music are truelly moving!!!!
Love hearing this man at The Living Room! Cannot wait for the next time!!! He even serenaded me!!!😁
I had the pleasure of seeing Rick last night with Travis Marvin at Nick and Jake's in Shawnee KS. It was incredible! Small intimate setting, great people, great energy. Listening to the stories and songs, with the rain in the background, it was an unforgettable experience! I am so glad I got to be a part of it.
What an Excellent show last night at Nick and Jake's in Shawnee Kansas! Rick sang some incredible music and is a true storyteller with his lyrics! I cannot wait to see him live again!
Just spent a great evening at Nick&Jakes; with Rick and Travis. They were awesome, even with a backdrop of rain drops. Wonderful songs and stories. Go see them anytime you have the opportunity!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!
Rick is a wonderful songwriter and performer. His story telling makes for an experience not just a show. I fell In love the first time we saw him and since have become dear friends. His heart is full of love and kindness and a truer spirit is hard to find. I will Never forget the first time hearing “Dance With Me” and since then we have only grown closer in friendship. He wrote a song with my daughter that is unforgettable. Thank you for your talent and friendship Rick!!
Rick is an amazing storyteller, and his songs are genuine and to the heart! Thank you for a wonderful performance!
Great show last night, Rick. Yall come back to Texas anytime!
Every song written has a story behind it. But to hear the writer tell the story is truly amazing. Rick Tiger's shows are simply an amazing experience because HE is amazing person. On and off stage. I love to follow Rick Tiger on Facebook and go to his shows where I can experience the best. Myself and several friends went to one of Ricks shows at The Logan Street Sanctuary in Noblesville Indiana and was blown away once again. As a songwriter myself I am always finding myself saying "I love that hook or that line. Rick Tiger. The great songwriter, great entertainer, great person. Don't miss his next show.
Rick Tiger What an Inspiration ! I enjoyed his show so much Hamilton County needs more entertainers like this so positive uplifting and real. His stories are the best each one had message about life real life . If you don't take something away from one of his shows you've missed it my friends...Hope he comes back soon VERY SOON!
You are awesome my friend
Rick your never stops moving me!! In a forward and positive direction!!!
Rick has an inate ability to see clearly and tell the story of our times. Much appreciation to him capturing our Operation Cherrybend events mission in a song. Sure wish we could hear more songs of our choosing on the radio! Keep writing, Rick. Most of us are thirsty for engagement. You got the right stuff to tell it and make it happen. Much love, Friend.
We had the pleasure of meeting and attending Ricks’ performances this past weekend. His voice draws you in and as you hear the lyrics you begin to see his story that he is telling through music. We had a few favorites of course but one that brought me to tears and held us captive spoke of a old man. He lived an amazing life but was forgotten in a sense as he was in a nursing home. His pictures told the story of a great man. Taking the moment to really see the pictures and put together his life story makes you stop and think. How many people do we dismiss, walk by or forget? What stories do they have and do you take a moment to actually listen? This song put me in the plot; and I asked myself do I take the time to listen to my loved ones? How can I do it better? When you hear a song that makes you really think how you can better yourself; it speaks to your soul. And you leave wanting to do better, be better. That was our favorite song and Rick thank you for capturing the moment. For drawing us in and making us better. Look forward to seeing you and hearing it all again!!
This man...his stories...his lyrics...his music...his heart...get to know him, you won’t be sorry & your soul will thank you for it...blessed by his music & friendship ♥️
Rick understands the true meaning of music and the value of a song. His passion for telling a story is captivating! I had the opportunity to see Rick at Operation Cherrybend. Can’t wait until next time!
Rick is the real thing singing his own music for the right reasons. I really enjoyed listening to his songs and the stories in between. Cherrybend was the perfect setting for Rick. I can’t wait to listen to him there again.
Rick Tiger is a very special man that has a God given talent of writing songs that make a difference in other people's lives. His lyrics tell a story so vivid you can close your eyes and watch each story play out. He writes about those things in life that touch each and everyone of us. I spent four days with Rick at Operation Cherry Bend 2018 I saw first hand how Rick and his songs change peoples lives to include mine. Blessed to call you my friend Rick.
I recently attended Rick's concert at CIOE 97.5FM. I was moved to laughter with his comedic banter and at times moved to tears with his beautiful words. An exceptional weaver of words that will impact my songwriting inyo the future. Thanks Rick!
I was so glad I went to see you and Lisa Richard perform at CIOE. Your songs, your message, your delivery and fantastic sense of humour made it an amazing night! I was very glad to meet you :) Michelle
Rick...your music, storytelling and humor is a package that most musicians like myself strive for. Your visits have unfortunately been short but at the same time the impact of inspiration you leave behind helps pave a path for many others. Thank you for helping shape my path and I hope to see you and Joyce again in the very near future! <3
I recently had the honor of interviewing Rick Tiger for my TV show which highlights inspirational people. He was fantastic, he sang beautifully, and his stories were completely mesmerizing. I could have sat and listened to him for hours but unfortunately it was only a half hour show! Despite all the talent and heart in the world, Rick Tiger remains humble and has earned my utmost respect.
I have had the honor and privilege of meeting and working with Rick Tiger in 2016,17 and 18 when he toured Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick) . His sincere, genuine delivery captivates the room and leave the audience wanting more. He is a very talented, gifted songwriter and attending a Rick Tiger show is a journaey and a blessing
I guess there are times in your life when you are at a function and for a fleeting moment a sense of horror comes over you and you think, "My God...if by chance I would have missed this performance my life's outlook would be so diminished from what it became from experiencing this man's outlook on life and his ability to convey it!"... I simply can't wait for Rick to come back...thank you for all that you are!
I really enjoyed hearing you sing at CIOE in Lr. Sackville. You are a masterful storyteller not just in your music but in your transitions. I really enjoyed your show and who knows maybe one day our paths will cross again. We can all use a smile at times.
You gonna need an airplane soon
Private party at Katy Texas.what a super time. The storytelling and music was fantastic. Met some wonderful people as well as a mix of musicians.
We just had terrific show at The Ledford House in Oxford MS. Rick Tiger was Me Enttertainment throughout the evening. Definitely one of the best writers on this planet or any other. Can’t wait for a return visit.
I want to thank Rick for letting me listen to his songs. I love them all but, my favorites are "Why I've been Drinking, and Uniforms. I wish you the best Rick, and thanks for being a friend of mine that last a lifetime. I remember sitting at the counter at the movies, you playing and singing to us all at work. Best Wishes, Vickie Harper Rivet
Great job Rick Tiger on your new album, "Uniforms." Love all the songs on this album, but there are 3 that are my favorite. "Uniforms" speaks to me and I feel not enough credit is given to Hero's in Uniforms, especially the part about parents. Until you become one, then you appreciate them. I like, "Why I've Been Drinkin." I love the line, "kicking someone when their down, instead of trying to break the fall." That is real and you don't know what others are going through but we are quick to judge them if they dress different or act different than we do. "It Don't Matter Where You Pray" is the truth. Even if it is not allowed, they can't take away silent prayer. You have an excellent voice and sing with feeling. Keep up the great work. Your awesome Man!! Love Ya
I absolutely loved "Can't Talk to God." What a clever song with an awesome beat. I also loved the honesty in "Why I've Been Drinkin." In a world where so many people judge a book by its cover, it's refreshing to have a song that exemplifies why we need to be better and do better for those around us. The whole album UNIFORMS is a wonderful album. I love all the songs on it. Great job, Rick!
I have had the pleasure of enjoying the music of Rick Tiger.....He brings to life the stories of everyday people in the songs he writes and the faith he lives........to hear him in person is to enjoy an evening of love and friendship that only a songwriter like Rick Tiger can provide......
I enjoyed a lengthy drive today as I listened to new music from Rick Tiger. I was passed by a police car and later came up on a major head-on collision. I saw EMTs, firemen, and police working the scene in heavy traffic. A little further down the road, I saw a truck traveling the opposite direction with his trailer of hay in a blazing fire. A little further, police and firemen were stopped in the median to put out a grass fire. Rick's song "Uniforms" is a wonderful tribute to all of these people and more. He craftfully acknowledges those in uniforms we often think about such as our military, police, and firemen. It's later in the song that Rick pays tribute to our other heroes as he acknowledges the likes of our school teachers and our mom and dad. "Uniforms" is a great song where we realize how thankful we are to be surrounded by these heroes. Thank you, Rick!
Rick’s new album is outstanding. It’s like looking at the world and all that’s going on at this very moment through his eyes. He speaks straight from the heart. My personal favorite is “Why I’ve Been Drinkin’.” It reminds us that we really do have two ears and one mouth for a reason. We really should listen twice as often as we speak because we often speak too soon and cast judgment before we know the whole story of why someone is where they are in life. Great work, Rick!
Rick Tiger is a storyteller. He can put you in the place he's in when the words pour from his pen. I love all the songs on the "Uniforms" album, but "Why I've Been Drinkin'" is such an emotionally charged, well written song that it stands out for me. Well done, Rick!
Rick's new project includes one of my favorite Rick Tiger songs... Why I've Been Drinking. I've seen Rick perform this song live a few times and it's magical. His lyrics and stories are captivating! Congratulations on a beautiful song!
Love the Uniforms album!!!
Just listened to the new songs! Trying to pick a favorite but seems impossible when they are all good!!! Enjoyed each one!
"Why I've Been Drinkin" is such a great song! You never know what people are going through. Next time you're in a judging mood, maybe pull up a chair and talk instead. Find out what's going on. Be a friend or a shoulder to cry on. Just simply listen. Thank you RT for creating music for the soul.
Good Side Of This Bar is a song that brings tears to my eyes and gives me so many good memories. It reminds me of a local bar that felt like home for so many years. I could walk in and be with friends, listen to amazing music, sing along with the band, dance the night away, and sometimes even make new friends. The Fiddle was home and family all wrapped up in one. This song reminds me of that and all the special memories I will always cherish!!
I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the Storyteller's Museum show featuring Rick Tiger on February 10th. His show was entertaining, heart wrenching, and soul changing, as he moved the audience with his story and lyric. Rick reaches people of all backgrounds with his old soul and kindred spirit. He uses his talent to put life into perspective and shed light on the good this life has to offer. It is a blessing to encounter one of his shows, and no one should miss the opportunity to do so.
I have been to many a shows where Rick Tiger was singing/telling his story. I typically hear a new song that touches my heart each time. Recently at Storytellers Museuem in Hickman County, I just sat and watched others reactions and it just warmed my heart. I know how he touches mine with his words and to see others laugh or cry is just heartwarming. You don't know what you are missing if you have not heard him. IT IS A MUST!
I have been to many shows to listen to the inspirational songs of Mr.Rick Tiger. This has to be one of my top three. Storyteller museum is a great venue that made you fell at home and just allowed Rick to tell his stories and sing his songs that touched the hearts of all. I can say enough about Rick other than, if your within any drivable distance to catch one if his shows, go. You will not be disappointed, I promise.
Such a pleasure having Rick out to grace the Storytellers Museum stage. We laughed, we cried, I've never heard my husband (Mark Alan Cash) so excited about anyone as he was Rick. We were blown away...Genius storyteller, gifted writer...We put his CD in the car Sunday morning and haven't stopped listening! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Getting to listen to Rick Tiger live at any venue is such a treat! Getting to listen to him at the Storyteller's Museum was magic! His stories, his humility and his outstanding abilities shine and inspire people in all walks of life. From my perspective as a songwriter I feel Rick's lyrical content is brilliant, touching and a powerful force from his heart. It's a privilege to count you among friends Rick and I am so grateful to have gotten to come for your show! You encourage and inspire so many with your music and your stories! Keep shining brightly!
I want to thank Rick for the invite to his show this past Saturday at the Storytellers Museum which as always he was great. Rick is one of my all time favored writers I put him up there with the likes of Kristofferson and Willy. Love ya buddy
Rick, you know that I try not to miss an opportunity to see you perform your remarkable catalog of songs and tell the stories behind them, and last night was one of those very special opportunities at the hallowed “Storytellers Museum” in Bon Aqua. You epitomized the storyteller, taking the audience on a journey into every song with the stories you told and the emotion with which you gave them life in the writing room. So glad I could be there, and better for it, thank you!!!
What a great inspiring and entertaining performance Rick did at the Storytellers Museum last night. Can't wait until he is here again.
I must say it was a great show at the Storytells Museum last night I’ve never been there before but I loved hearing you Rick tell the stories and the songs were great that you sang. I want to come to more shows with Cheri. I love the 2 hours we spent with you and Joyce. Thank you
Rick performed last nite at the new and growing venue, "The Storytellers Museum" in Bon Aqua Tn. I was in awe once again. This was the second time I had experienced his performance and he definitely has a God given talent. His songs and stories will leave a mark on you... If you ever have the chance to go see him ( or book him), you should not pass the opportunity up!
Such a pleasure for us to have you join Operation Cherrybend this year!! Your sweet soul will always be welcome as well as your musical talent. Can't wait for a copy of "Cherrybend"
It was a great pleasure meeting you last weekend as you took part in a wonderful event honoring our wounded veterans. Your passion for what you do is contagious. I love your quick wit and the stories you tell about your great songs. I look forward to hearing much more!
I met Rick during a charity event during Operation Cherrybend. Rick is the type of guy that does not know a stranger and is always observant of the people and activities around him. Having these two traits, seem to give Rick the background for some amazing stories. His abilities to deliver these stories through his songwriting is uncanny. He is a very powerful songwriter!!
I had the unique opportunity to meet Rick at a wounded veterans event in Ohio. I can't even begin to tell you how much talent this man has! From his stories to the music he plays, it's sure to be a great time for any audience! Thank you, Rick! Let's do it again soon! ~Eric
We so enjoy Ricks real life, real time music. It will reach in and touch everyone who listens. And not to mention his humor as well!! I recommend Rick!
The stories leading up to the songs were almost as good as the song. Lol! And the delivery was perfection. Hope to see you again soon!
LOVED having Rick play at our place this past Thursday night. His stories and songs are a true blessing to all that get to listen. He wrote a song with my daughter, which they performed, that is incredible. LOVE Rick and Joyce!!!
We are so excited that we were able to attend your show in Katy, TX. We had a wonderful time visiting and listening to song and stories. It is always a great event.
Rick and Joyce: The Coffee and Conversation show, songs and fellowship was full of truths, life and love. We cant wait for the next visit, in fact the planning as already begun.
WOW! Once again, Rick Tiger delivered and in a BIG WAY! The house concert was over the top! The crowd was mesmerized by the stories and songs and the fellowship. I have had endless comments from those in attendance about how much they loved the show. They have only one question...when are you coming back? Can't wait to have y'all back in The Lone Star State! Love you and Joyce to pieces!
I had such a wonderful time at the concert! Amazing stories with great music! Coffee and Conversation Tour 2017
Well, what can I say, it's been a week since Rick & Joyce came, visited and performed at our home. I've talked to some of our friends that came to the party and they all said the same thing, they all wanted to know when were we going to have Rick & Joyce back for another show. Everyone really enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to the next visit and show, and so are we!! Can't say enough about this southern gentleman and his belle of the ball(Joyce), Wishing y'all our prayers for safe travels on you adventures. Can't wait for the next visit!!!
Rick, I just truly enjoyed you show on Friday night. You have such a incredibly talent. Thank you for sharing your gift. Look forward to hearing you again! Thank you for your loving what you do, for your fans get to have the blessings of your gifts.
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Rick Tiger for the second time, in as many years, on his Coffee & Conversation Tour, as his stop in Blackville, NB in Atlantic Canada. Rick's ability to combine stories with his music, allows you to 'take a trip, without leaving your chair'. His music and stories makes you think, makes you grounded and makes you smile. When he comes to your community, do not miss Rick Tiger.
Hi Rick You delivered in a big way! Laughs, tears, smiles, introspection... You took us on a memorable journey. Thanks for putting Elkhart on your Coffee and Conversation tour. Can't wait till next time.
Hey there Mr. Tiger! Thoroughly enjoyed your "coffee & conversation" last evening in Elkhart, IN!! I love your talent! Your creative lyrics always intrigue me! I appreciate your "realness" also! A genuine guy! Can't wait til our paths cross again!
Rick Tiger put on a fantastic show as always! He is profound and insightful! He enchants the audience with his stories and words. He makes us laugh and cry! Everyone who meets him feels a connection! He inspires and ignites. He uplifts and encourages everyone. I feel blessed to have him as a friend and role model.
Had the pleasure of hosting and opening a show with Rick last weekend in my hometown of Blackville,NB Canada. In true Tiger fashion he capivated the audience the entire evening with his stories and songs. The new material form his Coffee and Conversation album were shared and did not disappoint. This sold out show was also a fundraiser I organized for our local food bank. People gave generously and were rewarded with an amazing evening of entertainment and an experience they will not soon forget. Can't wait for next time
One of the greatest songwriters in Nashville treated us to a unforgettable evening on hawks pond thank you Rick an Joyce Tiger
We had the pleasure of hearing Rick Tiger In Saint John New Brunswick Canada.His songs are inspiring and beautiful.
We had the opportunity to host a house show with Rick and Joyce in Seaside, OR June 25, 2016. Rick catered to a diverse guest group with music, song and stories enjoyed by all. The evening was just right…a great balance of social and sweet. We met Rick and Joyce last summer at a house show my brother (Romey) hosted. Then last October Rick came to our mom’s 75th birthday party to share his music with her, again catering to and pleasing the crowd. Rick and Romey have been songwriter friends for years. I feel like the gift of friendship has been extended to me and my husband. We were a fly-on-the-wall for a song writing session between Rick and my brother. Now that was special! Of course I think the song is a hit if there are any takers… Rick and Joyce: You are always welcome in our home either for a house show, a tour of the area or as a place to rest on your future House Show journeys. Take Care!
Rick, I would like to thank you, Blue Honey & Matt Willis for performing at the Ohio Theatre on July 16. We have had nothing but good comments from our guests. Even those who are not fans of Country Music. I would recommend to any venue considering this to "Go For It." If you want, you can have them call me and discuss. GREAT JOB! Ken Young Theatre Manager The Ohio Theatre
Rick performed a house concert for us recently and it was such an awesome show. He is such a talented songwriter and each song is written in a way that you can see it play out in your mind as if it were a short film. There is so much emotion tied to each song that you not only see people tapping their toes as Rick performs, you also see smiles, laughter and tears when you look around at the crowd. You can tell Rick loves what he is doing and him and Joyce are living out their dream, sharing it with us all. We always love having Joyce around as well. She added many laughs to the show and she is beyond sweet. Love both her and Rick to pieces :) Thanks for showcasing your talents with us and our family and friends Rick. Can't wait to do it again :)
Hosted 2 house concerts now for Rick. Both shows were Awesome! I know he is my brother and I may be a little bias but man he has some great songs! If you are a fan of true country music then you owe it to yourself to give Rick's music a listen.
Rick has this amazing gift and got to share it with a few close friends. Great laughs and memories! I was brought to tears with his lyrics more than once. Rick and Joyce are amazing people and I can't explain the overwhelming joy he brought to the table that night. Thank you for your words and friendship! Bless you both!
Rick, I'm beyond thankful that I was able to attend your show last night. You put on a great show. Even though there were a bunch of other people there, I felt like you were singing directly to me. The stories you told in between songs made it that much better. Can't wait to see ya play again!
Couldnt have been happier with the show Rick put on for us...such a great singer and storyteller...such an honor to have a friend as amazing as this man and his beautiful wife. Hope we make the list for one of the stops next year
Loved hosting the party at our house. Looking forward to next year all ready!! Oh... wait.. looking forward to playing with you on August 5th! Whoooo hooo! Your the BEST! https://youtu.be/ZhHu-D2sXKE
Another AMAZING show from Rick Tiger! I could have sat and listened forever. Just when you think there couldn't possibly be another incredible song, Rick shows his unbelievable talent one more time. The songs he writes and performs are songs that we all can relate to and understand. God, friends,family, country, freedom, and enormous amounts of love are woven throughout the fabric of his songs. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and have Rick and Joyce come and be part of your world! You will be the better for it!
Just wanted to say Rick you are an amazing testimony of fulfilling God's purpose for your life. God gave you this talent and you are not wasting a minute of it. And I know that he is shining down on me. Thank you so much again for coming to my know you Cowboy Church blessing us.
We had a wonderful time hosting our Rick Tiger event. I am one of those people that listen to every word of a song and I hung on every word of the songs he wrote. Everyone at the event felt the same way. He gave us so much to think about. His wife Joyce was a great to help with everything. Love them both and am looking forward to next year already.
There aren't the words to express how amazing it was being able to watch Rick Tiger Friday night! Could listen to stuff like that all night long! Fabulous time!
We just hosted our 2016 Rick Tiger Event after doing it in 2015 also. It was Great! We had about 30 folks over to the cabin for the fun. We just set up folding chairs in the house and people brought food and drinks which made it so easy to host. Many said it felt like what it might have been like 100 years ago when friends and neighbors would gather at someone's house for something like this. The main event, Rick's songs and singing, was incredible. Everyone here was moved by the words of so many of his songs. At the conclusion of the show we were all more eager to contribute to the cause by getting some CDs and merchandise to insure the success of The Journey. We will do this again next year.
I hosted one event on a Friday in Florida, and then a second event on Sunday, in conjunction with my church. To say that both events went amazing would be an understatement. The thing about Rick's music is that it is great for secular audiences, but it is also quite spiritual as well. Everyone from the secular event on Friday, to the church event on Sunday, were absolutely entertained and in love with Rick and his music. I might be a little biased, but Rick is not only one of the finer songwriters you will ever meet, but also one of the finer people you will ever meet. Rick and his wife Joyce are an absolute pleasure to be around. They are more than friends to me. They are family. And I am sure that in a short time spent with them, you will feel the same.
I have heard a lot about you from Cousin Jeff., all good. Listened to your cd and I love it. You do a great job at singing and love the lyrics. Hope good things keep happening to you. Good luck with your journey.
Short version, met Rick just sitting at a bar in Nashville while on vacation. I am NOT a "talks to strangers" person but this guy immediately feel like I'd known him my whole life. He's THAT type of guy. Fast forward a couple years and he tells me he's playing shows around the country. Well I sign on just to see him and Joyce not having ever even seen him perform. Well low and behold that personality that draws you to him in conversation is just as engaging when he performs. We had a small but great performance on our patio. Most common comment from guests was some variation of "geezus, I forgot songs used to be written like that" and "he really tells a story with his songs". Great, great night and glad to say he'll be back here soon. If you are even considering hosting a show do it. Big show or small...invite your friends, tell your neighbors, and become the coolest house on the block.
On the recommendation of a friend, I hosted my first ever home show for Rick in 2015. The show was amazing....we laughed and cried and listened to one of the greatest storytellers I have ever had the pleasure to meet. My 2016 show is already booked and everyone here is excited to have Rick back. I am looking forward to spending a weekend with someone I now call my friend. Love your music, your words, your faith and your heart! See you soon, my friend!
One of the nicest guys in Nashville !!! A great songwriter. .
Known Rick for a long time and his wife Joyce he is a very talented man I love his songs he writes and the man him self if you have a chance to go see one of his shows please do so you won't be disappointed see you guys in sept love you guys
What a blessing it was to be able to not only host a house show for Rick (and his lovely wife, Joyce) but I was also lucky enough to go to church and hear him in the house of God. The whole weekend was wonderful and I would encourage everyone to host a show! Thank you, Rick and Joyce! I love you both so much! Can't wait to do it again!
Rick Tiger---inspiring people since 1957. A wonderful storyteller. Listen to "Lifeguard" on his current CD. You will be amazed. Good job, Dad.
We hosted a party for Rick the end of April. We had a great time, and many compliments!!! Really looking forward to next year. Thanks!
I'm so very happy for you Rick. I can't wait to get your new album! I have such fond memories of both you and Joyce and I hope you are both doing well.
Just wanted to say Hi and tell you we are getting pretty excited here in Saint John, New Brunswick. Wishing you and your wife safe travels. God Bless.
Just ordered two of your CD's can't wait to get them in. See you next month. Love ya'll
My sister Victoria Woodworth has spoken so often of you and your family..I feel like I know you...Blessings to you!!!
Dear Rick, You're so awesome! We think your songs are amazing! You're a good person. Have a great time when you visit Nouveau-Brunswick in the summer of 2016! We wish you could come to our class! You have inspired us to make music! Thank you!
working on your East Coast Canada tour for 2016
Hey Rick, my manager Taylor sent me here to listen one of your songs.... I love the song she suggested and just wanted to sign your guestbook and say hello and God Bless You.....-- Brad Miller
We had a great time with Rick at the Dakota Shivers Brewery in Lead, SD. The venue was great, the music was oustanding. Rick is a real American songsmith, a great observer of humanity and able to put what he sees into beautiful, yet simple language that all can grasp. God Bless you Rick.
You completed your dream. I remember in New Iberia when I knew that was your passion. Good luck in the future, you can become a much greater writer with hard work I believe. Don't ever give up!!!
you rock!
Hi Rick
Hey Rick (I assume you're the Rick Tiger from the old Lafayette Angels team), Hawks said you were in touch. Looks like you've been busy, congrats!
Listened to the entire interview with Joseph Reed, extraordinary.
Great Job on Jesus and Jones! It's tops in my book! Scott Jones - Joan, Arkansas
Love your music ;)
Jack Harris recommended your website. We have a band that needs to write and record original music & Jack suggested we check out your music. So glad you are a great resource!!!
hi rick been a long time since hall of fame days in the hotel near Adelphi stadium,i use ti write songs with Bill HOlmes your occasional bartender,there were some good times there I think its right when you and Joyce got married,ive got some tunes I would like for you to check out,i m strictly a lyrics do my own production.the last time I saw you I think martin and Johnson were singing there demo don't take the girl,looking to cowrite,i love the way you write I love the song you did with western flyer im 67 writing everyday speeches commercials gospel blues,much thanks and GOD BLESS give Bill holmes my best,jim
Met ya last night and was enthralled with your story. Listened to your music on Spotify this morning and was even more impressed. You are a talented man who has lived a life most of us could only dream of!
Thanks again everyone for the kind words about me and music. It is always nice to see that people believe in what you do. For those of you who wanted to hear "Jesus and Jones" just go to www.cntmusic.net Hit the "our songs" button and listen til your hearts content. Thanks and God Bless. p.s. keep those comments coming :)
Hey Rick! Was glad to meet you. You were awesome on stage tonight. Wish you had the Jesus & Jones song on here I loved it. PS: I still want u to take me under your wing haha
Saw u tonight at Commodore and hope to C U again soon..I am. BMI and life member AFM local 444 Jacksonville FLg83rc
Just wanted to tell you we had a great time last night at Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar, loved meeting all the great people there, gonna try & make it back Tuesday. Looked for Jones & Jesus, couldn't find it. Hope to see you soon, keep up the great work !!!
Thanks for the kind words everyone. I so appreciate it
Love your writing Rick, especially "an Old Friend of Mine". You co-wrote that song with a "good friend of mine". Brock and I went to high school together and I recently played music at his wedding. Just wanted to say I love this powerful, emotional , heart tugging song. It is one of my all time favorites.
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Great songs buddy...Wow!
I must say I was looking for songs for Jeremiah James and found that when I started listening to the songs for females.. I couldnt stop listening to several wishing I were recording them. I song plug to Major Artists but have never received so many great songs by just one person. Im in awe of you and your co writers. I definately want to keep you around (smile) I truly think that your songs will get Jeremiah James on top . Thanks so much for contacting me Rick. Its soooo appreciated.. Ms.Taylor Morrison Taylor Morrison Music http://www.reverbnation.com/taylormorrisonmusic http://www.facebook.com/TaylorMorrisonMusic http://www.facebook.com/TaylorMorrisonMusic http://www.nashvillemusicpros.com/profile/TaylorMorrison
You're pretty special sir... BTW..."Tom"...means twin. In case anyone inquires. :)
So glad Steve and I walked into the Fiddle 2 years ago on a cold fall night and got such a warm welcome. You are a walking definition of community and family, and a creator of true-to-the-heart music. In other words, you RAWK!!!
Hey Rick....just call me your stalker lol....love your website;) xoxox
I wanted to check out your website and check out more of your songs. Thanks for making my CMA Fest trips the last couple of years, extra special. I listen to your CD everyday over and over. It's been inspirational, and it's been therapy for me lately. Love ya, man! I miss ya already - take care, God bless, and rock on!!!
Hey Rick, just got your CD - Thought I'd Be Home By Now from Andy - am lovin' it! Sure do miss my trips to Nashville and all our sports talk. Hope to be there soon and you know I'll be stopping by. Tell everyone in Printers Alley hello............from Minnesota!
Just wanted to remind you I am very proud of you and the fact that I get to call you Dad. Love you! ~Sarah
Hey Rick, It was really nice meeting you and Joyce at the bar this past week. Margie and I enjoyed your hospitality and the 'Chili Dogs'. You are a great talent and a great guy and we wish you and Joyce the best and look forward to visiting Nashville again real soon. Best reagrds, Brad & Margie
Rick, I learned of you through Tom Broccolo here in Fort Myers...heard Jason do your song Good Side of this Bar on his demo....BLEW ME AWAY. He gave me your album last week...and I played through it to disect it...tonight was date night with my wife and I slipped it in on the way out...she is not a big fan of country...she kept shaking her head as if to say no... I sang along with Memphis (I am your low harmony guy)...then the Whiskey and Holy Water came on...I figured she would tell me to shut it off...she started to cry.......I realized I dont know a damn thing. I feel your soul man.
LOVE THE REAL COUNTRY SONGS! KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!!!! Country music with a heart....Us
What up bra! I stop by here and listen to your stuff now and then.
Another great song Rick and Mindy. Music Man!
Hey Rick, I just got done listening to your new songs. I think you got gold...My two favorites are Louisiana and music man. I need to listen to burning down chicago again. Greatn Job. Love your music. hope to see you again next year. Vickie (sandys sister)
Why did I not know you had a website? This is absolutely fantastic - just like you! I love you, Rick. Keep up all the hard work!
Love ya man! We have to plan a lunch or breakfast soon- or Sunday night dessert!!
Just checking out some of your other work rick. These are geat also. Like the Montgomery Gentry story.
so nice to learn more about you and your career. Tony and I love visting you and the gang @ Fiddle and Steel when we come to Nashville. Good luck in all you do and hope to see you soon. janet (Woodstock IL)
I love Rick Tiger!!! Can't wait to hear 'Thinkin about Chicago'!!!!
Hey Rick. We're gonna print you a copy of our picture and mail it to you. You absolutely made our trip to Nashville the best trip ever. Good luck in all you do and I hope we can stay in touch. BEST FRENCH FRIES EVER!!!! Take Care, Your biggest fans from Michigan, Mike 'n Maegan
Rick, I Love it!!!!!!! Your Talent is Amazing!!! Your a wonderful Blessing to us all!! Xoxo
It was great meeting you at the Fiddle & Steel Bar. Look forward to seeing you again soon
Hey Rick! I just wanted to say great website buddy! I listen to your songs and my favorite so far is SHIPS (Love it!) Your a good friend man and I'll never forget that. Keep the hits coming!!
I L-O-V-E country music.And I am a friend of Jeff Wanex.Gordon Dillingham turned me on to your web site.I love the Fiddle and Steel Bar too.LOL.I hope to see you soon.?Thanks,David Paul.
And all along I thought making frito pies was your greatest talent!?!
just letting you know that I adore you! You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for touching so many peoples lives with your talent and with your kind soul. You are one in a million. So proud of you. Love ya buddy!
Rick....Checkin out your website today, thanks for giving us the link to check you out. Now we know where to find you and find out whats going on in your world too. Great to see you last night at the Fiddle...always great talking to you. Lovin your music too! Congratulations on the cuts...proud to know RICK TIGER! Hope you have a great Birthday weekend! Happy Birthday Bro...see you again soon! Steve and Heather ("from Spring Hill") : ) Tell your sweet Bride hey for us and thanks for taking care of us last night!
This is great and you are a wonderful brother. We missed y'all for Christmas. Hope everyone is having a great year so far. Love you and God Bless!
The new webpage looks great!
This is great! Best web site I've seen! I didn't expect anything less from an awesome man like you! I would love to make it for Joyce's birthday that sounds like fun! Love ya! Happy New Year my Friend!!
Thanks everyone for the kind words and support. Please feel free to visit me from time to time. As always Blessings to you all. Rick
Hello old friend!Just finished watchin your videos! Iv'e always been a great fan of your writing! You still have the touch Rick! and I enjoyed my visit to your website! thanks for inviting me!
love the website rick! i sure miss all the songwriters nights... wish i could be there to celebrate joyce's "53" that sounds like so much fun!! good luck and thanks for sharing!!
Love the new page!! Great job! Sharing with others in 3...2...1...
Pretty cool Rick. Sounds great. We miss you'all. See ya sooner than later I hope. Kim and Brian
I LOVE it, Rick! So fun hangin out with all of you...can't wait for the next trip. Love you guys!
Love the site Rick! Your such an amazing person! Hope you have a wonderful New Years!
Rick, I'm so glad I finally got the chance to meet you and Joyce when we came to Nashville. I look forward to seeing ya'll on future visits. The website is great, but, your music is AWESOME ! Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality when we were there. Merry Christmas to you & Joyce.
I am proud and honored to call you my friend!! Love you!!! Here's to more hits!!!
Love your website Rick. It will be great to follow you this way. Good luck in all that you do!!
I love it Rick!
Hey buddy, great job on the website! It looks fantastic! You are probably the most "real" and genuine person I've met since I've been in Nashville, and I'm glad to know you & proud to call you my friend! Wishing you much success, brother! Jack
We love it!!!
Great job, Rick! Love you! Wishing you the very best.
SO proud of you Rick. Keep doing what you love doing. Not everyone can say they get to do what they really love. I would of loved to have been the next Reba. : ) But I did finally get to marry the man of my dreams, and he is also a music man. Hugs, Vickie PS Even though we don't get to see each other, God brought our friendship together for a reason.
Hiya Rick! You sure have come a LONG way from the early 90's when we'd sit around jammin' together. Boy, those were some good times! Take care and tell Joyce I said hello and happy holidays! Saundra
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;););)

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